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About Us

Child Kingdom Preschool & Daycare has been dedicated to early childhood development  and has been established for more than 20 years. The school has a capacity of 73 children ranging from the ages of 2-12. The school employs teachers that are accredited in child development and early child education.

We are a proud member of the diverse community that resides here in San Jose. The fact that our school gives back to that same exact community makes it much more meaningful. We provide a safe, healthy, and thriving environment. Our long standing, philosophy is founded upon the thought that all children deserve the same resources no matter the circumstances.

We accept a variety of subsidized programming, essential in making our philosophy a fact.

Our curriculum offers principles in cognitive, motor, and social skills to our 2-3 years old toddler group. The 3-4 year Pre-K students receive fun and challenging activities, while learning the fundamentals thereby ensuring success for the beginning of Kindergarten and the rest of their educational career. Our extended after school program offers pick up service for those who need it.

We recently implemented the California Department of Education Child Nutrition Program. This allows us to provide an amazing opportunity to introduce students to a variety of foods while forming healthy eating habits and is free to all students enrolled in our programs.

Child Kingdom Preschool & Daycare is an important asset in this community that offers children an enriched environment where they can grow to their full potential.


Our goal and purpose is to nurture a child, help them become focused, motivated, independent, and social.


We advocate parental involvement. We work closely with parents by guiding and assisting them to become more aware of their child’s developmental needs. We assure them that this important aspect will directly affect their child’s growth, confidence, and well-being.

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